2018 - LEAH - Memorial Day Holiday Closures & Restrictions

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Airman & Family Readiness Center

Aquatics Center   Closed    
Arts & Crafts Center   Closed    

Auto World

  Closed   Shop, Annex & Yard

Bowling Center - Ramstein



  Closed for Renovations

Bowling Center - Vogelweh






Lanes & Slot Room

Subway & Snack Bar

C&H Barber Shop   0730-1630    
Cafe Dolce   Closed    
CDC   Closed   Ramstein & Vogelweh
Chili's   1100-2100    
Chili's, Too   1100-2100    
Civilian Personnel Office   Closed    
Community Center   Closed   Ramstein & Vogelweh
Crossroads   Closed    

DFAC - Lindberg Hof (LBH)




Breakfast 0800-0900

Lunch 1100-1300

Dinner 1600-1700


DFAC - Rheinland (RHL)




Breakfast 0700-0830

Lunch 1100-1300

Dinner 1700-1900

E' Fit Smoothie Bar   Closed    

E' Street Cafe




Enlisted Club, Crossroads & Bldg 201

Education Center   Closed    

Fitness Center - North Side (NSFC)

  Manned 1000-1600   Classes Canceled
Fitness Center - South Side (SSFC)   Closed   Classes Canceled
Fitness Center - Vogelweh (VFC)   Authorized Users 24/7   Classes Canceled
Flying Pig   Closed    
Gear Up Sports Store   Closed    
Jawbone Flight Kitchen   Open 24/7    
Lachmann's   1200-1700    
Library - Ramstein   1000-1600    
Library - Vogelweh   Closed    
Life Styles   Closed    
Lodging: Cannon Hotel   Normal Hours    
Macaroni Grill   1100-2100    
Manpower Office   Closed    
Member's Services   Closed   O'Club & E'Club
MOMS - Ramstein   Closed    
NAF Human Resources Office   Closed    
Non-US Personnel Office   Closed    
Officer's Club   Closed   Catering Office, Dining Room & Wings Lounge
Outdoor Recreation   1000-1800    
Pizza Gallerie   Closed    
POPS Print Shop   Closed    
Reflections   1100-2200    Slots 1000-2000
Rockers @ Woodlawn   0700-1800    
Rod & Gun Club   Closed    
RTT   1200-1800    
School Aged Programs (SAP)   Closed   Ramstein, Vogelweh & Kapaun
Teen Center   Closed   Ramstein & Vogelweh
VAT Office/UTAP   Closed    

Woodlawn Golf Course






Golf Course/Tee Times

Pro Shop

Youth Center   Closed   Ramstein & Vogelweh
Youth Instructional Programs   Closed    
Location  USA Contact  N/A Memorial Day restricted hours and holiday closures for 86 FSS facilities.



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