Family Child Care Information

What is a Family Child Care Provider?

A licensed person who cares for children in their on-base government quarters.

What is an Affiliated Family Child Care Provider?
Off-base providers that are in compliance with the Air Force family child care standards and voluntarily submits to the same screening, train-ing, and inspection requirements as on-base li-censed providers.

Why become a Family Child Care Provider?
A way to add to the family’s income without hav-ing to work outside the home. Because you enjoy children and having them in your home.

Any military ID cardholder providing more than 10 hours of care a week, on a regular basis, MUST be licensed by the FCC
Office. If you do not have a license and are providing care, you risk losing your base housing privileges.

How do you qualify?
  • All military ID cardholders
  • Attend the Family Child Care orientation and training class
  • Read, write, and speak English
  • Hold a high school diploma or general education di-ploma (GED equivalent)
  • Have an approved home inspection
The Family Child Care Program is under the direction of the 86th Force Support Squadron. In addition, AFI 34-276 outlines the policies and procedures adminis-tered by the program. FCC Providers are inspected monthly by a FCC Program Coordinator, and the pro-gram is monitored through several annual inspections. If you have questions about the policies of the program, please contact the FCC office at DSN 478-7420 or
COMM 06371-405-7420.
All FCC Providers receive training on child growth and development, child abuse prevention and reporting pro-cedures, as well as positive guidance. FCC Providers must complete the Air Force Module Training Program within 18 months of receiving their license. There are 15 modules addressing basic child development areas.
Parents must request the FCC Provider’s Federal Tax ID number or Social Security Number (SSN) for in-come tax purposes. It is in violation of the Privacy Act Information Law for the FCC Office to give out a FCC Provider’s Social Security Number.

"Under the Privacy Act of 1974, you must safeguard all in-formation, if required, reflected on this document and, if applicable, all attachments. Disclosure of information is IAW AFI 33-119, AFI 33-127, AFI 33-129, DoD 5400.7-R/Air Force Supplement (Freedom of Information Act),
AFI 33-332 (Privacy Act), AFI 33-219, and PL 93-579."