School Age Programs

  • Vogelweh SAP will combine with Kapaun SAC until 21 Aug
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  • logo sapThe School Age Program provides before and after school care, camps during winter, spring and summer breaks and daily care for school holidays. Locations are available on Ramstein, Vogelweh and Kapaun. The School Age Program is COA accredited. We provide care for children who are currently enrolled in school, ages 5-12 years, and who are eligible family members of active duty, DoD or civilian personnel. School Age Program is an NAA accredited program that provides activities to children that complement rather than duplicate the school day. Their main goals are:
      • Personal development-supporting positive self-concept.
      • Independence and life skills, encouraging responsibility.
      • Social development – establishing friendships,
      • Learning social skills, gaining social support,
      • Developing a sense of community and teamwork.
      • Physical development.
      • Recreational skills, and appreciating the ability to rest and relax.
      • Cognitive development – advancing success in school, exploring new ideas and facts.Personal development-supporting positive self-concept, fostering

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  • Map School Age Program (RAB)      map youth programs rab smal
    Ramstein Bldg 1003    Ramstein Bldg 428
    yp ramstein school age program bldg1003 small       yp ramstein youth programs bldg428 small

    map kapaun sap small   map vogelweh sap small
    Kapaun Bldg 2785   Vogelweh Bldg 1028/1058
    yp kapaun school age programs bldg2785 small       yp vogelweh school age program bldg1028 small

Ramstein - Bldg 1003/428 -    DSN 480-3272 / 3273 - CIV 06371-47-3272 / 3273
Vogelweh - Bldg 1028/1058 -    DSN 489-6362 - CIV 0631-536-6362
Kapaun - Bldg 2785 -    DSN 489-6028 - CIV 0631-536-6028

Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Fri Before Care icon clock blue  06:30 - 08:15
      After Care icon clock blue  14:30 - 18:00
      Full Days Out icon clock blue  06:30 - 18:00
      Camps icon clock blue  06:30 - 18:00
    Sat, Sun & Federal Holidays   icon clock blue  Closed