Room Payments

Air Force Instruction 34-135, Air Force Lodging Program, requires all guests to provide a valid credit card when making their reservation and at the time of check-in. Guests may pay in advance at check-in with cash or check; however, they must still have a credit card on file. Those guests paying with a credit card may do so at check-in or wait until checkout to have lodging charges billed to the credit card. For long-term guests, payments are required every 15 days. PCS families may pay their lodging fees every 10 days and file for temporary living allowance reimbursement at that frequency.

Checkout Time

The checkout time is 11:00. An additional day’s room fees may be charged for late checkout. If a later checkout is needed, please contact the reception desk at your location.

Guests with Pets

We love pets! KMC Ramstein offers pet-friendly temporary lodging facilities. These quarters are only available on Ramstein Air Base. Only cats and dogs (2 pets maximum) may stay with you. If you are unable to reserve one of these units, we have a list of area kennels on our Pet Care page under Lodging Information. If pets are found in quarters not designated as pet friendly, a cleaning fee of $150.00 will be assessed.


Smoking is not permitted in any lodging facility or within 50 feet of entrances or windows. A cleaning fee of $150 will be assessed if it is determined guests are smoking in any lodging facility.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 22:00-07:00. Please do not use laundry facilities during quiet hours.

Fire Safety

Fire safety awareness is paramount in all Ramstein Inns facilities to ensure the safety of our guests. Do not store highly flammable liquids in your room, operate unauthorized cooking or heating devices, place hot appliances (i.e. irons) in drawers, leave electrical appliances on, or overload electrical circuits.

Facility Care

Lodging rooms must be maintained in good order with personal items stored in a manner conducive to receiving housekeeping services. Lodging property may NOT be removed from the rooms. Damage to facilities or furnishings will be charged to the guest based on the extent of damage, repair, or replacement costs. Bicycles, auto parts, or similar items may not be kept in lodging facilities.

Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons and/or ammunition are not permitted in lodging facilities. Arrangements for storage should be made with local Security Forces.

Guests of Registered Lodging Occupants

Registered lodging occupants may have guests visit their rooms.

Such guests will not be given a key to the registered occupant’s room and must be accompanied by the sponsor at all times. Unregistered guests, regardless of sex, will not remain in lodging facilities overnight. No one under the age of 18 will be authorized in transient quarters, with the exception of relatives/family members of registered occupants. Occupants are responsible for any damage caused by their guests.


Guests with children must follow the KMC Child Supervision Policy Matrix. Please click here for the matrix.