Outdoor Recreation is OPEN Monday – Saturday 1000-1800 | Wednesday 1000-2000

Utilization of the Resale Lot is open to all Ramstein Affiliated active duty Military, DoD Civilians, NAF Personnel, and NATO ID holders. Priority for use will be given to Active Duty, DoD Civilian, and NAF assigned to Ramstein Air Base.

The Resale Lot is located next to the Northside Chapel.


  1. Vehicles must be operationally registered on the USAREUR system and capable of passing inspection. Non-operational vehicles may not be placed on the lot. Current vehicle registration must be present at the time of sign up. The registration must remain current throughout the time the vehicle remains on the lot.
  2. The issued pass must be prominently displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle AND the registration should be placed on the driver’s side window. Renewals must be made prior to the end of the permit expiration period. No refunds will be given for vehicles sold before the permit expiration date.
  3. The use of the lot is for private vehicle sales only. No commercial sales are allowed.
  4. The resale lot will not be used for long term storage of vehicles. RV’s or “camping” trailers are not authorized.
  5. Vehicles with an expired permit or no permit (abandoned property) will be removed at the owners’ expense. Abandoned property will be transferred to the custody of the Base Supply Property Disposal Officer and is subject to disposal IAW DOD Regulation 4160.21-M Chp. 4, paragraph 40.
  6. Spaces are numbered and assigned individually – DO NOT PARK IN A DIFFERENT SPACE. If someone has parked in your assigned space, please park in an unnumbered spot adjacent to one of the numbered rows and notify Ramstein Outdoor Recreation.
  7. A $20, $30, or $50 fee is charged per 7 days, 14 days, and 1 month respectively, to place a vehicle on the Resale Lot. This fee includes the date of the reservation.  All fees are non-refundable. Once the registered vehicle has been removed from the Resale Lot permanently, please contact Ramstein Outdoor Recreation so that the pass may be checked back in.

Violations of the user policy will result in termination of the permit, removal of the vehicle from the Resale Lot, and appropriate notification of chain of command.

Neither the U.S. Air Force nor Outdoor Recreation is responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or possessions as a result of having one’s vehicle parked on the POV Resale Lot.

Only one permit authorized per vehicle, not transferable.

For more information, call ODR at DSN 480-5705 or CIV 06371-47-5705