Exceptional Family Member Program

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DSN: 480-5100/5900
CIV: 06371-47-5100/5900

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Mon-Fri: 0730-1630
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Building 2120, Lawn Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE

About Us

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to provide support to military family members with special needs. EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that protects federal entitlements and military benefits of special needs family members.

Under the umbrella of the EFMP you have:

  • EFMP-FS (Family Support)
  • EFMP-M (Medical), and
  • EFMP-A (Assignments)

The Family Support function provides information, referrals, parent education, and recreational events.
The Medical function provides identification, enrollment, and clearance to ensure appropriate medical and educational services are available for family members before they PCS to a new location.

All three functions work together and with other military and civilian agencies to ensure EFMP families have an enhanced quality of life as they relocate around the world with their sponsors.