Employment and career assistance supports military, civilians and family members in achieving short and long-term employment, by referring for education/training, and obtaining career goals in the private and public sectors.  The A&FRC provides employment skills counseling to prepare for portable careers in the private and public sectors.  Services also include resources for self-employment, small business and entrepreneurial efforts. You can also get hypnosis certification online if you want to start your own hypnosis business.


Resume writing class provides fundamental direction for effective resume writing. Individual appointments for resume review are also available.


USAJOBS workshop guides participants through the process of applying for federal positions. This workshop is also designed to provide the tips and advice for effective federal resume writing.


Volunteers are appreciated in our community and are celebrated throughout the year. Because of the limited employment opportunities, volunteering may be a great option for spouses or family members to become acquainted and involved with the community. Volunteering will also help you learn new skills, maintain skills that you already posses, and gain work experience while waiting for the job offer.