Ramstein offers pet-friendly temporary lodging facilities. These pet-friendly quarters are only available on Ramstein Air Base. Only cats and dogs (2 pets maximum) may stay with you. Guests are required to have pet shot records at check-in.

If you are unable to reserve one of these quarters, pets may be housed in local animal boarding facilities. The following is a list of kennels in the Kaiserslautern area furnished for your information only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Air Force.

You may also consider leaving your pet with your sponsor or a friend. If pets are found in quarters not designated as pet friendly, a cleaning fee will be assessed.

Pet Policy Document

* The country code for Germany is 49

When the number is dialed from outside Germany, the 49 is required and the first 0 must be left off.  From the USA, dial 011-49-xxxx-xxxxx.  When calling from within Germany, dial the number as listed.