Freedom Fest

🎉 Get ready for Freedom Fest 2024 with 86FSS! 🎉

Join us on July 3rd and 4th for an unforgettable celebration packed with fireworks, live music, carnival rides, games, a kids zone, and amazing food and drinks!

🗓️ 3 July: 1400 – Midnight

  • Everclear rocks the stage at 2000!

🗓️ 4 July: 1200 – Midnight

  • The Revengers kick off at 1815
  • Spectacular fireworks light up the night at 2215

🎸 Keep the party going with Armed Forces Entertainment and 86FSS! 🎸

Don’t miss Everclear’s electrifying performance on 3 July at the Enlisted Club Parking Lot. The show starts at 2000 sharp!

Join us for two days of non-stop fun and excitement! 🌟

Event Guidelines: Prohibited and Allowed Items

⛔️ Prohibited Items:

Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are NOT permitted and will be confiscated.
Pets: No pets allowed except for service animals.
Inappropriate Items: Bags must be smaller than 21” long, 10” wide, and 10” deep. Indecent clothing and signage are not allowed.
Flammable/Unsafe Items: No flammables including paint and silly string. Glass, laser pointers, noise makers, air horns, or any items deemed unsafe by Security Forces are prohibited.
Food & Beverages: No outside food or beverages. Grills, coolers, and containers are not allowed.
Drugs & Alcohol: No illegal drugs. No outside alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is available for purchase at the event.
Firearms/Weapons: No firearms, open or concealed carry. No toy weapons or items like pocket knives, scissors, box cutters, batons, tasers, stun guns, mace, and pepper spray.
Recreation Items: No skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, carts, heelys, roller skates, roller blades, frisbees, sport balls, beach balls, or any projectiles.
RC/Scanners: No radio-controlled cars, trucks, walkie-talkies, HAM radios, or scanners.

✅ Allowed Items:

Essentials: Water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, raincoat, umbrella.
Comfort: Cushion, blanket, camera, phone.
Family: Hearing protection, stroller or wagon for kids, baby bottles, diaper bags.
Note: All visitors are subject to search by Security Forces.


4 July 2024


14:00 – 00:00