The A&FRC offers information, education, and support services to individuals, families, and the community during deployments, contingencies, and emergencies.  Personal and Family Readiness programs help families to be self-sufficient if military members are away on deployments or temporary duty. The A&FRC offers briefings and events to support the service members and their families.


Active duty members going TDY/deploying for 30 days or more are required to attend this short briefing designed to prepare individuals and families for deployment.


Members returning from deployment and remote tours that were 30 days or more in length are required to watch the mandatory reintegration briefing video prior to being authorized to begin their R&R leave. This briefing assists the members and their families with the reintegration process.


Once each month we invite families of deployed Air Force members to a special event. Please check the monthly A&FRC calendar for upcoming events and special occasions! Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend Pre-deployment and Reintegration briefings.


  • Free Deployment Child Care: The Family Child Care (FCC) Program offers child care through all stages of deployment and provides 16 hours of childcare for each child ages 6 months – 12 years, for each month of deployment. Members and their families are considered “deployed status” as soon as the member has officially been notified of deployment and ends 30 days after the member returns back here to home station from deployment. Parents must complete the AF FCC ECC Registration and submit it along with a copy of their deployment orders to the FCC office, located in building 849, room 312. You can reach the FCC coordinator at DSN 478-7420 or CIV 06371-405-7420.
  • Car Care Because We Care: Spouses of deployed members are eligible to receive one free oil change voucher during the time their spouse is deployed or serving on a remote tour for at least 30 consecutive days away from home station. To receive the voucher spouses need to stop by the Airman & Family Readiness Center reception desk, located in building 2120, room 106 with a copy of their spouses’ deployment orders. The voucher is honored only at the Ramstein Auto Hobby Shop and is valued at $75.