Survivor Benefits Plan


Survivor Benefits Plan is a government program which makes it possible for retiring members to ensure that after their death, their eligible survivors will receive a portion of their military retired pay in the form of a monthly annuity. The SBP was structured so that a surviving spouse cannot outlive the annuity, and it has Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) incorporated so the annuity increases with inflation. If a member chooses (with the concurrence of their spouse) not to participate in the SBP, an annuity cannot be paid.

Retiring members are required to attend an SBP Briefing with an SBP Counselor. If you are within 120 days of retirement and have not been contacted by a counselor, please contact the M&FRC to schedule an appointment.

An active duty member who has eligible dependents is automatically covered by SBP at the maximum level at no cost to the member while he/she remains on active duty.

For more information, contact one of our SBP Counselors at +49-6371-47-5100 or DSN 480-5100

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