Par 4HOLE 1318 Yards
Handicap: 09 Blue Tees: 343 White Tees: 320 Red Tees: 313
Start your round from this elevated tee, hitting into a valley that bears slightly to the right. Lookout for the fairway bunker on the left! Your approach is to a large elevated green guarded by bunkers on the left & right. The fair way slopes slightly left.
Par 4HOLE 2275 Yards
Handicap: 13 Blue Tees: 318 White Tees: 295 Red Tees: 277
This is a short Par 4 with an open fairway. When you approach the green consider the moderate upslope and the high walled bunkers on the front and back.
Par 3HOLE 3150 Yards
Handicap: 15 Blue Tees: 161 White Tees: 150 Red Tees: 145
You will be shooting the chute into this narrow fairway as it’s heavily treed on both sides. The green is a small target and well-guarded by bunkers on all sides. Accuracy is a must on this challenging par 3. Watch out being too aggressive is dangerous.
Par 4 • HOLE 4393 Yards
Handicap: 03 Blue Tees: 411 White Tees: 400 Red Tees: 323
This is a long wide-open fairway that funnels down narrowly as it approaches a large green with a distinct upslope. There are large bunkers on the left and right making it deceptively difficult and well-rated as the number 3 handicapped hole on the course.
Par 3HOLE 5129 Yards
Handicap: 17 Blue Tees: 152 White Tees: 132 Red Tees: 110
Ranked one of the easier holes on the course, you hit down from an elevated tee to a huge green that offers ranges of difficulty depending on the location of the flag. Accuracy is critical as the green is guarded by bunkers on all sides. Although the green is sloped back to front, putting uphill towards the back of the green is faster! This is a common occurrence here known as the “Mackenbach Road Effect”
Par 4 • HOLE 6310 Yards
Handicap: 11 Blue Tees: 326 White Tees: 311 Red Tees: 298
A narrow fairway bending slightly to the left greets you at Hole 6. This green is large and elevated with bunkers surrounding it. Look out for the fairway bunker on the right and as always the trees!
Par 4HOLE 7351 Yards
Handicap: 07 Blue Tees: 388 White Tees: 376 Red Tees: 328
From the tee, you are greeted with a dramatic left turn midway down the fairway. Play it safe to the right and make your second shot a long one….or go for the corner. Watch the steep downslope after the hill in the middle of the fairway. Also, beware this green also has the “Mackenbach Road Effect”
Par 5HOLE 8527 Yards
Handicap: 01 Blue Tees: 566 White Tees: 540 Red Tees: 362
Welcome to “Woodlawn’s Signature Hole”. It’s long and full of surprises to include a massive green protected by our lake. Throw in some massive bunkers to the left & right of the green and hang on to your irons. The putts toward Mackenbach Road are faster than you think.
Par 4 • HOLE 9 • 424 Yards
Handicap: 05 Blue Tees: 424 White Tees: 401 Red Tees: 376
A water hazard and fairway bunker add some difficulty to Hole 9. As you hit from an elevated tee box across the pond towards an elevated green. Nicknamed “The Beach” because the entire front of the green is guarded by bunkers.
Par 3 • HOLE 10 • 134 Yards
Handicap: 16 Blue Tees: 146 White Tees: 138 Red Tees: 129
This Par 3 starts from an elevated tee, down into a valley towards an elevated green with two tiers. The ever-present bunker adds suspense as you go for your birdie.
Par 5HOLE 11 • 423 Yards
Handicap: 10 Blue Tees: 466 White Tees: 448 Red Tees: 366
A narrow fairway awaits you with a steep slope that turns to the left. The green is long and narrow and protected by one big bunker in the front. Watch your stance on some of your uphill/downhill lies on this fairway.
Par 4 • HOLE 12 • 279 Yards
Handicap: 18 Blue Tees: 302 White Tees: 274 Red Tees: 257
It’s tabbed as the easiest hole on the course based on its yardage. While it looks “easy” to start, the green is very small with high-walled bunkers surrounding it placed to give your trouble. Accurate hitters have the advantage here. Yet another green that putts faster uphill due to “Mackenbach Road Effect”
Par 4 • HOLE 13 • 339 Yards
Handicap: 12 Blue Tees: 369 White Tees: 357 Red Tees: 336
A narrow chute off the tee and then the fairway expands. The trees on the left are the obstacles to avoid. The green is large and protected by a high walled bunker in the front. Your second shot can be deceiving so don’t over hit it. This green has a break from right to left.
Par 4 • HOLE 14 • 327 Yards
Handicap: 04 Blue Tees: 345 White Tees: 323 Red Tees: 309
A dogleg left that is very enticing and well-placed sets up Hole 14. There are a lot of trees on the left to discourage playing into the curve. The green is wide and shallow so don’t overhit your approach. A large high walled bunker protects the front and another smaller one on the left side.
Par 3 • HOLE 15 • 178 Yards
Handicap: 08 Blue Tees: 183 White Tees: 178 Red Tees: 173
With a long par 3, Hole 15 will deceive you. It looks shorter than it is, and trees on the right seem to magnetize balls towards them. The green is wavy, long, and narrow with a large deep bunker in the front and a smaller on the side.
Par 5 • HOLE 16 • 456 Yards
Handicap: 14 Blue Tees: 507 White Tees: 463 Red Tees: 449
Hole 16 welcomes you to rip your tee shot right down the middle. Although it starts with a narrow chute, it expands and allows for more comfortable approach shots to the big sloping green that is crowded by…you guessed it…trees! Bunkers are placed on the left and front to add more fun. There is a good chance for an Eagle or Birdie!
Par 3 • HOLE 17 • 182 Yards
Handicap: 06 Blue Tees: 201 White Tees: 181 Red Tees: 170
The final Par 3 is a difficult one. A rolling fairway directs you towards an elevated green that is narrow in the front and opens up in the back. A large high-walled bunker guards the left and another on the right, leaving a small narrow chute up the middle of the approach. The green breaks to the left due to the “Mackenbach Road Effect”.
Par 4 • HOLE 18 • 399 Yards
Handicap: 02 Blue Tees: 436 White Tees: 404 Red Tees: 368
The view from this elevated tee is like looking at another country, it’s that big! There is a lot of room in front of you as you hit into the valley that rises into the elevated green that is surrounded by the lower patio. The green is large and has two distinct tiers. Large high walled bunkers protect the sides of the closing hole. Good luck! No doubt the most beautiful hole at Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Golf Course

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